Service network

Main service centre of JSC “DTCP”

Private joint stock company “DAK-Service”

PrJSC "DAK-Service", Dnipropetrovsk

General director Vladimir Kryvosheev

Address: 49 068, Dnipropetrovsk, Leninogorska str., 125
Теl./fax: (056) 775-36-53, моб. (067) 673-53-26


 PrJSC "DAK-Service", Kyiv

 Director Anatoliy Zaliznyak

 Address: 03170, Kyiv, Velyka Kiltseva str., 2

 Теl.: (044)585-21-74; моб. 067 4290549


Prompt service of truck cranes of own production is the main purpose of JSC "DTCP" service network. In particular:

  • Performing of technacal service and repairs (including guarantee ones) of truck cranes in places located to buyers  as close as possible;
  • Prompt consideration and customization of requests on delivery a spare parts to truck cranes of JSC "DTCP" production.


For the purpose of keeping a crane operational  requirements as well as preventing defects and  troubles at crane operation buyer is obliged to perform a technical service at accredited by JSC "DTCP" service centres.

JSC "DTCP" guarantees proper operation of truck cranes (crane equipment) within 18 months, but no more than 1000 motor hours.

Guarantee obligations of JSC "DTCP" don't extand on truck cranes, which are not registered or did't have technical service (or not in time) l  at accredited service centres.

In case of accredited service centre is unavailable in  region of crane operation  owner may perform technical service on its own with receiving a written permit from JSC "DTCP".


Western region


Address: Drogobych, Gaidamatska str., 22

Теl./fax: (03244) 9-64-00


«Durability of objects»

Address: Lviv, Zelena str., 301b
Теl./fax:  (032) 276-84-10, 270-26-60, 270-44-05
«Kran Standart» Ltd
Address: Rivne, Soborna str., 370b
Теl./fax: (03622) 5-82-32, 5-63-56


Central region

«Alfa-Weld» Ltd

Address: Vinnytsya, Fabricius str., 13

Теl./fax: (0432) 66-93-63

«Stankomplekt» Ltd

Address: Kyiv, Moscowskiy str., 23

Теl./fax: (044) 536-04-88, 501-34-81, 536-04-98

«Mechbud» Ltd

Address: Cherkassy, Rizdvyana str., 302

Теl./fax: (0472) 64-24-77, 64-92-72, 64-91-64


Address: Kirovograd, Povitryano-flotska str.,  2А

Теl./fax: (0522) 56-72-59

 «Argon Lux» Ltd

Address: Poltava, Kovpak str., 57 А

Теl./fax: (0532) 67-75-54, 66-58-34

 PF «Violent»

Address: Vinnytsya, Yunist av., 22/101

Теl./fax: (0432) 55-27-94



Eastern region

«Bumer» Ltd

Address: Lugansk region, Starobilsk district, v. Chmyrivka, Shidna str., 2

Теl./fax: (06461) 2-40-62


Аddress: Donetsk., Yasynuvata, “Zorka”, 19/10
Теl./fax:  (06236) 4-36-42
«Меchanizator»  Address: Zaporizhya,  Pivdenne shosse str., 63B
Теl./fax: (0612) 34-94-07, 23-05-46


Southern region

PF «Poltava – Аrgon»

Address: АR Crimea, Saky, Evpatoriyskoe shosse, 86Е

Теl./fax: (06563) 3-07-78,  2-51-21

PF «Dobrobut»

Address: Odessa,Vyacheslav Chornovil str., 4/26
Теl./fax:  (048) 777-12-94, 721-04-10(0612) 34-94-07, 23-05-46