Hoisting platforms from JSC "DTCP"

        Surely it is difficult to find any other machine except hydraulic hoisting platform to have so many fields of usage. Range of works performed by platform is quite wide: from replacing a  street electric bulb to decorating of high buildings. Therefore demand for this machinery in the market is high enough.


        This has caused the fact that JSC “DTCP” in common with foreign partner launched manufacturing of telescopic hoising platforms. The main advantage of telescopic ones against knuckle-boom is their compactness, allowing to operate in tight places.


         Model range of new product commences on hoisting platform AGP-27 on chassis КАМАZ-55111. Its lifting height is 27 m, boom radius 19 m, hoisting capasity of basket 300 kg. Platform is fitted with safety devices, emergency stop signals, ensuring safe and effective operation.

Platform АGP-27 on chassis КАМАZ-55111 in transporting position

Working basket reachs   27 metres in height