Garbage trucks: choice for DTCP

      One of the main problem of settlements, especially densely populated, is collecting of rubbish and delivering to utilization  places. Problem becomes more urgent since rubbish volume is increasing. JSC "DTCP" is ready to provide assistance by offering a garbage trucks for municipal economy. This market is represented with many brands however DAK garbage trucks have some advantages. 


      Firstly, model range СКЗ (garbage truck of container type, rear loading) is wide enough: from container with 7cub. m to 26 cub. m. Such a rich spectrum allows to select the most suitable model, based on garbage volume, width of streets, where the machine operates, as well as traffic. For tight roads and housing area a models with container 10-15 cubes are more suitable, for wide ones - garbage trucks 15-26 cubes. Models of 7-10 cubes are more effective  for  garbage collecting in housing area and transferring in bigger garbage trucks for delivering to utilization places.


         Except high compaction ratio there is one more advantage. This is a lift-loading mechanism, specially designed and adapted  for all types of containers (waste bins). Reality is that in many utilities non-standard waste bins are used, loading of which is impossible by garbage trucks, not fitted with adjustable lift-loading mechanism.  At the same time, in garbage trucks СКЗ this mechanism is adjustable, what  allows to change a height of each clutch. This is also designed in order to operate on uneven or icing  bin spots.


       For increasing an operating term a surfaces of reception bunker, contacting with waste, are  made of high-quality wear-proof HARDOX 400. High-quality components of leading Europian brands ensure reliability and long-term operation.


       Once if you have a choice what garbage truck to purchase then you have to select  DAK.

Garbage trucks: choice for DTCP