Telescopic aerial platform AGP-27 is intended for lifting a working personnel at a height up to 27m for performing an assembly, decorating or other types of works at a height. Boom outreach may  reach up to 19 metres. Boom slewing angle is 360 degrees. Owing to a light weight (5 500 kg) a platform may be set  on 3-axle as well as on 2-axle chassis of various brands.

The main working mechanism - telescopic boom — comprises the main section and 5 extending sections, the first of which is extended by hydraulic cylinder, the rest by a chain drive. The main boom is fixed to the rotex gear through the use of vertical section. Boom sections are maid of high-tensile steel DOMEX S960. A basket is fixed to the last section and is able to rotate left and right at 70 degrees. Basket lifting ability — 300 kg. Despite of boom position basket is held horizontal  automaticly by balancing cylinder. Basket is fitted with  safety rails and doorway, which closes reliably. There are brackets on the rails for fastening  a working personnel by safety belts.

Platrorm stability in operation is ensured by four outriggers, made of high-tensile steel DOMEX S700. Operation control  (joysticks steering) is carried out both from the ground and from the working platrorm. Working operations may be performed by a remote control. Aerial platrorm is equipped with safety devices, blocking operation at overloading, faultiness or in case if machine is not set on outriggers. Emergency stop may be performed both from the ground and from the basket. Imported components of leading Europian brands ensure reliable and long-time operation  of AGP-27.