Garbage truck with rear loading СКZ-16 is intended for using in municipal economy for mechanical and manual collecting of  waste, transporting and  unloading in utilization places. Rear type of loading. Container  capacity is 15 cub. m., capacity of take-and-loading bunker is 1,5cub.m. Waste pressing ratio reaches value 6:1 depending on its type.

Container— welded metal construction, made of steel St-52 with thickness 3-5 mm. Lateral sides  are convex and smooth or  with grooved profiles for strengthening. Compacting plate — container working mechanism-allows to compact and move a waste at loading-unloading. Plate is actuated by hydraulic cylinder on guides.

Take-and-loading bunker of garbage truck СКZ-16 is equipped with  grasping mechanism, providing operation with plastic containers of 120, 240, 360, 1100 litres and metallic ones of 1100 litres. Period of lifting-dropping of mechanism — 15-30 seconds. Time of lifting a waste bin — 9-15 seconds. Construction is made of steel St-52 of 4-8 mm thick, surfaces, contacting with waste made of steel HARDOX 400. Design of grasping mechanism allows to adjust a height of each claw. This advantage allows to load a non-standard waste bins, as well as bins, set on uneven or icing areas.

Operation control of СКZ-16automatic electric and manual control of working operations is carried out through the use of  console, providing start, stop, continuous operation cycle and emergancy stop.

Temperature operation condition - from -400С to +400С; control system  — damp-protected. Hydropump type-double, allowing to load containers and compact a garbage at the same time, HYDROCAR or CASAPPA (Italy) brand, hydraulic valves (Turkey). Operation pressure in system 180 MPa.

On client's request garbage truck СКZ-16 may be fitted with rear-view camera and monitor inside a cabin.