КТА-25.02 - longish boom and increased outreach!


             Idea to have a truck crane of load-lifting capacity 25 ton with longish boom appeared amid company management and designers quite a long time ago. Its realization was promoted by positive market responses concerning reliable operation and good performance of already well-known crane KTA-25 with 3-section boom. Opinions of experts regarding recommendations on more complete realization by 25 ton crane its load-lifting potential quickened fulfillment of this project. One more factor that also contributed to expansion of SILACH cranes range with a new model was the fact that most demanded in market KTA-25 needed innovations in order to meet the demands of the times both in technical parameters and design improvement. Then became obvious that expansion of truck cranes range with a new four-section 25-ton model is the nearest prospect. Hard work of designers on developing a new crane as well as experience combined with optimism shortly gave a good results. Now it may be declared with confidence that the idea has been realized entirely. Moreover installation of prototype on Mercedes Benz Actros chassis shows that crane is focused not as much on domestic market as on foreign one including European with high quality standards and fierce competition. KTA-25.02 has the same mission that its predecessor. It is about lifting a loads of 25 tons in weight, however to the height of 32 m at a boom outreach 26 m. Effective work at increased outreach and height is a basic principle followed during project development. Improved load-lifting parameters play an important practical role. Thus, for instance, if a truck crane with 3-section boom may operate at building six-storey structures maximum, then KTA-25.02 can lift loads to the tenth floor without any problem.


           Boom as the main crane mechanism comprises four sections, two of them are extended by hydraulic cylinders, the top one by polyspast of original straining design. It provides more smooth boom running and makes its service easier. Boom sections are made by bending from polyhedral profile of high-tensile steel S460. Bended profile makes a boom more flexible distributing strains evenly over its entire length. Also it helps to decrease tensions in bottom frame and outriggers. Owing to that boom becomes more firm, lighter in weight and with a better lifting parameters.


           In hydraulic system and cylinderscompacting and pipe joints of famous world brands “Simrit”, “Parker” are used. Polyamid sheaves decrease friction between cheeks and rope, making a rope life-time longer. Using a hydraulic distributor with electronic controlof TM Sauer-Danfoss” (joystick steering)provides smoothness, easieness and, the most important, accuracy of working operations. As an option operations may be performed also via remote control. There are a lot of advantages in that type of control. Among them wireless moving over a control console, any location of operatoras well as effective operation and high safety level. Manual steering is also provided as a cheaper option.


          Stability of crane KTA-25.02 while working at a big boom radius is the main function of 4 outriggers Front legs are rotary and rear ones are pullout. They are also made of high-tensile steel S460. Trapezium-shaped outriggers base (5,8х7,2х6,05m) and well-designed fixed frame provide a circular operation zone. Frame is covered with aluminum grooved flooring, slewing part with glass fiber plastics in the same as boom and cabin design. In order to make a service easier slewing part reducer is fixed on the right side of frame. Truck crane is fitted with footstep bearings, fixed in transporting position to each outrigger as close as possible to their setting spots. KTA-25.02 is also equipped with subsidiary hook suspension of lifting capacity 18 t to be installed at hoisting loads with higher speed when polyspast ratio m=4; m=1.


              One more advantage of this crane is a lattice fly jib of 9 meters long which is intended for increasing a boom.


            There is no doubt that technical parameters are of main importance. However, design of truck crane also plays an important role. As it is comfort for operator as well as eye appeal of vehicle itself.One of the main comfortable unit is a spacious and cozy operator's cabin. Firm, noise-proof and warm keeping cabin is made of glass fiber plastics. Panoramic convex screen glasssignificantly enhances visibility and does not dazzle an operator.Cabin in its standard configurationis equipped with heater and air ventilator. As option crane might be fitted with conditioner Dirmaorany other brand on client's request.


              Crane КТА-25.02 is installed on three-axle of widely spread chassis MAZ, KrAZ, KAMAZ as well as leading world brands Mercedes, Scania, MAN. Therefore only compliance of chassis technical parameters serves as criterion for its selection.


              Certainly, three-section SILACH КТА-25 will be a top seller for quite a long, but at the same time leading market positions and good reputation will gain KTA-25.02.It is not considered as a rival or alternative for precursor, but as a crane with a huge potential and means, reflected in its application and demands of the times.






КТА-25.02 -  longish boom and increased outreach!

КТА-25.02 -  longish boom and increased outreach!

КТА-25.02 -  longish boom and increased outreach!