Lifting capacity,t-3,0

Lifting height,m-21,0

Boom outreach,m-32,0

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Lоad-lifting parameters
Max. loading moment, kN.m320,0
Lifting capacity max., t3,0
Lifting capacity at max. outreach, m0,8
Boom outreach max, m32,0(24,0)
Boom outreach at max. lifting capacity, m8,0
Boom outreach min, m2,0
Lifting height, m (at horizontal boom)21,0
Lifting height max., m (boom positioned at angle 20º)28,0
Speeds​​, m/min
- lifting-dropping of load of max. weight20,0
- lifting-dropping of load of weight less 1500kg40,0
- of smooth grounding of max. weight load5,0
- travel of jack-lift with max. weight load20/40
Other parameters
Rotation speed per min0,9
Slewing angle, rad (degrees)без обмежень
Total power of electric motors, kWt22,5
Constructional weight of crane, t12,0
Weight of ballast, t22,0
Classification group according to ISO 4301/3 А4
Overall crane dimensions in transporting position, m (length, width, height)12,6х1,9х3,1
Lifting capacity chart
Lifting capacity chart 1
Lifting capacity chart 1
Lifting capacity chart 2
Lifting capacity chart 2

Self-erecting crane КBА-201 “FORTIS” is intended for performing   assembling and loading- unloading works with loads up to 3 t as well as large-size ones of diameter up to 60 m at building sites (including limited space), also for construction various typies of buildings.

■ Quickness and simplicity of assembling-disassembling (time of assembling up to 60 minutes, time of erecting 25 minutes)
■ Radio remote control
■ Possibility of erecting and running at places with limited space
■ Compactness at transporting and possibility of  wheel towing
■ Free access to all mechanisms and security system
■ Reduction of electricity consumption


■ Crane may be fitted  with jib for assembling and disassembling of extra counterbalance

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