In order to improve technical parameters and reliability the following design decisions are performed:

            • Three-section boom as long as 9 ... 21 m may operate in both conditions:

            - as two-section (with disconnected rope polyspast) - in that condition 2-nd and 3-rd sections are pulled out as a packet by hydraulic cylinder to a length 15 m, therefore load-lifting capacity at intermediate boom outreaches is increased to 30% in comparison to a  booms with permanently connected polyspast of pulling out a 3-rd section.

            - as three-section (with connected rope polyspast) - in that condition 2-nd section is pulled out by hydraulic cylinder,  3-rd by rope polyspast synchronously, what increases a speed of pulling out a sections in two times. In this way a condition of maximum heights for a boom 9...21 m is achieved.

            • Modern operator cabin has an increased strength thanks to using in a frame metallic right-angled profiles, up-to-date interior, including comfortable operators seat, new types of facing panels, glued windows, heater "Planar" with automatic electronical system of keeping a required temperature in a cabin. Cabin is fitted with a sliding door and a hatch, allowing to control a microclimate inside it.

            • Pump functioning at setting a crane on outriggers is performed at free-running engine revolutions, that allows to save a fuel.

            • Crane main hydraulic cylinders are equipped with high-quality compactions of "Simrit" brand.

            • Joining of pipings are performed using various rings and fittings "Parker"  according to DIN 2353 (ISO 2434).

            • In order to increase a hook lifting height and underboom space cranes might be fitted with lattice fly jib as long as 8m, fixed to the boom head. In transporting position fly jib is folded and fixed to a boom side. Changing its position from transporting to working is carried  out manually without using additional lifting equipment. 


            • Safe operation of crane is ensured by a set of devices PZK-30 including microprocessor limitation instrument of loading with digital indication a crane operation parameters on the display. Device automatically protects a crane from overloading and tipping over. It is equipped with space protection system needed for operation in tight space conditions having an installed block of telemetric memory ( “black box”) and module of protection a crane from unsafe tension (SNEP) while working close to electric wires.