Technical service

Technical maintanance (ТM)- operation or complex of operations for supporting a working capacity of truck crane or other production and preventing  defects during application, storing and transporting.

Technical maintanance of truck crane includes:

  • daily technical maintanance (DTM)
  • first technical maintanance (TM-1)
  • second technical maintanance (TM-2)
  • seasonal technical maintanance (STM)

DTM of crane installation is performed by operator before each working process, not depending on number of shifts.

ТM-1 of crane installation is carried out every 150 motor hours of running, but not less than once a quarter.

ТM-2 of crane installation is carried out every 600 motor hours of running, but not less than once a half-year time.

STM is carried out twice a year  (autumn-winter and spring-summer) periods of running. STM may be  combined with TM-1 or TM-2.

  List of works, performed at technical maintanance and their sequence are given in crane operation manual.


Technical maintanance of truck cranes “SILACH” during the warranty period  is carried out  solely at "ICC DTCP” LLC ore accredited service centres. Buyer of truck crane not later than 20 days from the moment of purchasing (but in any case before performing ТM-1) should register it  at  nearest service centre of "ICC DTCP” LLC in radius 250 km.

In case accredited service centre of "ICC DTCP” LLC is absent in region of crane using owner due to written approval from manufacturer can perform technical maintanance on its own, following requirements, given in passport and operation manual.
Crane's owner  is liable to perform a technical maintanance only in service centre, where registered.


In case of urgent necessity  of performing a technical maintanance in other region crane's owner may apply for assistance to any other service centre, having previously agreed with service centre in which crane is registered.


Crane's owner keeps control for timely performing a regular technical maintanance.