Company today

  "ICC DTCP" LLC- powerful engineering enterprise,  one of the biggest  in western part of Ukraine, specializing in manufacturing a load-lifting machinery.


  Production area occupies 54 thousands sq. m. 11 industrial workshops ensure a complete technological cycle of crane  manufacturing, from making a unit parts to assembling, testing and painting a crane.

   Model range of truck cranes of lifting capacity 18t, 25t, 28t, 32t, 35t, 50t, known as TM "SILACH", based on chassis MAZ, KrAZ, KAMAZ, FORD cargo, TATRA are the main production of "ICC DTCP" LLC. Company also manufacturers self-erecting cranes KBA-201 "FORTIS", hoisting platforms, garbage trucks, loading cranes, hydraulic cylinders, spare parts and various types of metalwares.

   "ICC DTCP" LLC sells its products in domestic market as well as holds active exporting activity. Growth of export volumes and improvement of products quality - the main vectors of JSC "DTCP" development. Products are certified in  European Union, Russia and Belarus. Export deliveries of cranes are carried out through the branched dealers network and sales offices, which except Ukraine, operate in Kazakhstan, Russian Federation, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Latvia, Lithuania, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Georgia as well as in Czech Republic, Romania, Poland and Bulgaria. Cranes assembling joint ventures have been operating successfully in India and Belarus. Guarantee and technical service of cranes is provided at service centers accredited by  "ICC DTCP" LLC.

   Company always participates at prestigious exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad, such as “Budtech ”,  Kiev,  “CTT” , Moscow, “Autotech”, Czech Republic, “International technical   fair”, Bulgaria, “MinTech”,  Kazakhstan,  “StroyExpo”, Belarus and others, demonstrating its own technical innovations
and new cranes.
   Company has a railway junction what makes a shipment of cranes directly from the plant possible.  Social infrastructure of company includes health camp located in wonderful  place of Carpathians, sanatorium “Edelveis” and up to-date swimming pool “Synyevir”.