Spare parts

"ICC DTCP” LLC produces and sells a wide assortment of spare parts for:


  • for truck cranes of own production КС-3575А, КС-4574А, КТА-14, КТА-16, КТА-18, КТА-25, КТА-28, КТА-32, КТА-35, КТА-50
  • for truck cranes both of Russian manufacturers “Ivanovets», «Galichanin», «Кlintsy» and Belarussian “Masheka”
  • various typies of special machinery (multilifts, bulldozers, garbage trucks), agricultural и municipal engineering.


Spare parts sales order 

Sale of spare parts is carried out  following an application from a client with its contact information, name of spare part and volume of order. In case this spare part is available at stock plant presents a written confirmation of possibility to sale it as well as price and agrees a shipment terms.  Otherwise  plant informs a price and period of manufacturing.


Delivery periodwithin 30 days from the moment of receipt a payment by "ICC DTCP” LLC.