Production potentialities of company

Turning of shafts


  • on regular engine lathes;
  • on CNC machines (max. diameter of billets to 400 mm & length 1 500 mm,  ІТ 9);
  • on special machines mod. РТ2548 (diameter 80-120 mm, length to 8 000 mm,  ІТ 9, with using a special rigging)



  • on merry-go-round machines mod. 1М553 (diameter 2 000 mm,  ІТ 9)


Gear cutting (straight, module 2,5÷12 mm)


Slotting (internal cogs, module 3÷12 mm)


Planing works (max. length of billet 4 000 mm)



  • on edge-planing machine mod. 7819 (length 11 000 mm)


Splining ( m=2÷6 mm, L=600 mm)



  • on regular milling machines


Manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders sleeves

  • on machines with using a special rigging and tools, according with ІТ 8-9;  (diameter 63х1500 mm, 100х6000 mm,  140х700 mm,  200х1600 mm, 250х2500 mm)


Manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders rods

  • with using a special rigging according to ІТ 8-9, diameter 40х1500 mm, 80х6000 mm, 140х1950 mm, 110х1000 mm, 160х2700 mm


Punching  (moulding works)


Cutting of metal sheets (thickness 1÷25 mm, ІТ 12)


Cutting of metal sheets on plasma cutting machines (thickness 2÷30 mm,
l x b=10х2,5 m ± 1mm)


Welding of metalwares (thickness of sheets to 25 mm)


Zink-plating of parts (weight to 250÷300 g)



  • in standard baths (length to 1000 mm);
  • in deep baths (max. diameter 160 mm, length 2400 mm);
  • in devices with running electrolyte (max. diameter 100 mm, length 7 000 mm)


Manufacture of

  • metalwares to order;
  • agricultural machinery (mowing machines, ploughs);
  • tools (measuring, checking, cutting);
  • rigging and adjustment for basic production;
  • punches for cold punching