Worth to know

Safe, reliable and effective crane running needs keeping of following main requirements and rules:


  • Putting crane in operation is carried out in order according to Rules of structure and safe running of lifting cranes.
  • At initial stage of crane running (chassis run to 1000 km) its maximum speed should not to exceed 50 kilometers per hour.
  • Storing temperature of crane in not working condition up to -45С.
  •  Performing of crane operations should to be performed smoothly (without jerking).

           Performing of crane operations on idling is not allowed.


  • In order to prevent overloading of boom telescoping cylinders it is necessary:

         - telescoping of boom sections is to be carried out in following sequence: first extracting a middle section in full, then top   one;
         - at unfixed boom lengths not to lift a loads of weight more than 5-10 t at boom lengths 21,7-9,71 m;

  • Turn on PTO and pump is allowed exclusively at air pressure in chassis phnematic system 5 kg per sq. cm. at  clutch released.


  • Positioning  a crane on outriggers is carried out only at  600-700 turns of crank shaft in order to prevent breaking of hydraulic distributor sections.
  • At transporting, repairing and maintanance works crane boom should to be lowered  on support or special prop.
  • In winter period before running mark of working liquid (oil) in hydraulic tank should to be checked and its conformity to environment temperature.

Before changing  a working liquid washing out a hydraulic system is necessarily.

Only steady and permanent performing of Passport and Operation manual requirements ensures non-failure running of crane.