Company history


On November, 10 Drogobych truck crane plant was established by separating the workshop №36 of Lviv loaders plant. The new company was transferred an unfinished plant of washing machines in north-eastern part of Drohobych. 


On January, 6 was renamed  and two months later  ​​the first truck crane LAZ-690 of lifting capacity 3 tons was produced on chassis ZIL-164A. 


Truck crane LAZ-690A was modernized, its lifting capacity was increased to 4 tons. New crane became serial as K-46 on chassis ZIL-130. During the year ​​3 250 cranes of this model were produced. Drogobych cranes were started to supply all over USSR.


At exhibition VDNH USSR in Moscow a new model of truck crane KC-2561E of 6,3 t on  chassis ZIL-130 was demonstrated. During the year 2 917 truck cranes of this model were produced. Cranes were exported to Hungary, Bulgaria, Mongolia, Korea, Iran, Vietnam and other countries.



Manufacturing of the first crane with hydraulic gear KC-2571E of lifting capacity 6,3 t on chassis ZIL-130 started. This year crane was showed at VDNH USSR in Moscow as well as other international fairs in Bulgaria, Hungary, Yugoslavia and Poland.




New truck crane KC-3575A of lifting capacity 10 t on chassis ZIL-133GJ was put in serial production, which soon became the most popular.




Producing a truck cranes KC-4574 of lifting capacity 20 t on chassis KAMAZ started. This crane differs from previous models by improved speed and operation performance as well as raised lifting height. Crane was fitted with microprocessor lifting capacity limiter and cabin heater.


One of world-leading crane-producing companies "LIEBHERR" interested by successful activity of plant. Drogobych truck crane plant was visited by owner of this company Hans Liebherr. The key issue of talks was manufacturing a hydraulic cylinders and other components for German cranes at Drogobych plant.


Truck crane KC-4574 was modernized in new model KC-4574A. Lifting capacity was raised up to 22,5 t. Model range of chassis for mounting a truck cranes was increased. Model KS-4574A was begun to mount on chassis KrAZ-250, KrAZ-255B, KrAZ-260.


Drogobych cranes were identified with brand "SILACH" and logo "DAK". Abbreviations were changed from KC to KTA. Manufacturing of KTA-14, KTA-16 chassis MAZ, KrAZ, KAMAZ was started. 


Truck crane KTA-18 of lifting capacity 18t on chassis MAZ, KrAZ, KAMAZ was introduced in serial production.



Crane-manipulator "PRAKTIK KM-9,8" was developed and first prototypes were produced. Truck crane KTA-25 of lifting capacity 25 t on chassis MAZ, KAMAZ, KrAZ was put in mass production.


At exhibition "CTT-2007", Moscow, a truck crane crane KTA-32 of lifting capacity 32 t, fitted with 4-section boom was demonstrated.


For the first time Drohobych truck crane was mounted on chassis "not Soviet" poduction - FORD Cargo 3430D.


Joint ventures to assemble and sell a cranes "SILACH" were established in India and Belarus. The first crane machine sets were shipped to be mounted on chassis of local manufacturers.



In cooperation with Slovenian company "SMM" prototype of self-erecting crane KBA-201 "FORTIS" was developed and produced.
For the first time Drogobych truck cranes were fitted with bending profile booms and remote control.



Truck crane КТА-50 of l/c 50t, fitted with 5-section boom made of bended steel DOMEX 960 is put in mass production. Operations are performed by joysticks, crane is equipped with remote control. Thanks to modern design and parameters crane is similar to its Europian analogues.


Production of new type of machiery is launched. Garbage trucks with container capacity of 15,5 cubes with rear loading of  garbage are widely demanded  in public services.



First telescopic hoisting platform was produced. Working height of platform 27m, lifting capacity 300 kg.