In order to improve technical parameters and reliability the following design decisions are performed:



  • Truck crane КТА-50 equipped with 5-section telescopic boom of load-lifting capacity 50 t is intended for loading-unloading works at dispersed objects. Crane is installed on 4-axles truck chassis. Using that type of chassis as well as innovation with demountable conterweights (separately transported) located while mounted between the first and the second chassis axles, ensures a crane an optimum load distribution  between chassis axles.



  •  A crane is equipped with hydraulic pump and motors, planetary winch of Russian producers, as well as turn reducer  РМР (Italy), which prooved non-stop operation and simplicity in service on a DAK cranes. In crane hydraulic system and cyinders sealings and piping junctions of world-famous brands “Simrit”, “Parker” are used, what rose a reliability of operation.



  •  Hydraulic distributor with electronic propotional control of "Sauer-Danfoss" brand (joistick steering)  provides smoothness, easiness and exactness of control. Tiredness of operator reduces, at the same time safety and productivity increases.



  •  Metal components of slewing platform, fixed frame and outriggers are made of S700MC steel. This innovation as well as performing calculation by the method of finite elements through the use of modern programm „Cosmos works” allowed to have a crane of optimum weight, suitable to move on the general use roads.



  • A crane is equipped with 5-section boom made of bended profile of high-tensile steel S700MC, S960MC. Boom sections are extended by separate hydraulic cylinders. Sequence of  extending  is provided automatically on a basis of programming microprocessor system PLUS+1 of “Sauer-Danfoss”. Sections extending process is reflected on a display in operator cabin.



  •  In order to increase a hook lifting height and underboom space cranes might be fitted with lattice fly jib as long as 9m, fixed to the boom head. In transporting position fly jib is folded and fixed to a boom side. Changing its position from transporting to working is carried  out manually without using additional lifting equipment.



  • New-designed operators cabin with panoramic front glass has an increased strength owing to using in a framework metallic right-angled profiles, up-to-date interior, comprising of the modern operator seat, new types of facing, glued windows, heater „Planar” with automatic electronic system of keeping an adjusted temperature in a cabin, two glass cleaners, glass washer for cleaning a front and a top glass.



  • Facing of non-slewing part of crane is made of grooved aluminium plates, including tools boxes as well as comfortable fixed steps. Covering of slewing part is made of glass fibre plastics in the same design with cabin and boom.



  • Safe operation of crane is ensured by a set of devices PZK-30 including microprocessor limitation instrument of loading with digital indication a crane operation parameters on the display. Device automatically protects a crane from overloading and tipping over. It is equipped with space protection system needed for operation in tight space conditions having an installed block of telemetric memory ( “black box”) and module of protection a crane from unsafe tension (SNEP) while working close to electric wires



  • There is an option of remote control available on a crane in order to operate outriggers and boom from wireless console.  System range is up to 300 m.